CA World Art Gallery, is proud to present the work of CARLOS & ALBERT.

Welcome to a world of fantasy, imagination, humor and color; all combined in this deliciously whimsical collection by Carlos Muñoz and Albert Ickenroth.

Born in Amsterdam, Albert studied art and economics at the University of Amsterdam. Albert’s fascination with the great masters of his homeland inspired him to seek an outlet for his own creative energies. In 1974, Albert traveled to Mexico on vacation and fell in love with the people, the color and the culture.

He decided to establish permanent residence for himself in Jalisco, the region that is home to many of Mexico’s best artisans. Albert began working with several of the area’s most prominent artisans, learning the labor-intensive techniques of paper mache sculpture and other mediums.

In 1990, Albert met Carlos Muñoz, a native of Guadalajara and an emerging artisan in his own right. Carlos had studied art at the prestigious Cabañas Institute in Guadalajara. He also apprenticed with the best artisans in the area and studied privately with several university art professors. Albert found the ideal collaborator in Carlos and thus the CARLOS & ALBERT association was born.

Carlos & Albert’s work pays homage to the many Mexican masters who came before them, but they have developed a style that is uniquely their own. His enduring fascination with Mexico is clearly evident in his exuberant use of color and pattern; In fact, the influences of both cultures are present in the CARLOS & ALBERT collection.

The Carlos & Albert Collection is shown in galleries throughout the United States, Europe, South America and Japan, and its designs can be found in public and private collections around the world.